Whether in the darkest alleys of the largest city; the howling woods of some forlorn forest; the seemingly innocuous waters of a placid lake; or even knocking on your door: there is always that nerve-wracking feeling that something is amiss. Most often, this sense of paranoia is just that – an over inflated sense of self preservation laced with sweet fear.

In those dire times when there is more at work than the subtleties of one’s own mind; when reality blurs and yields something so foreign and alien to conceive – you need protection. Be they ghosts or ghouls, or something bizarre you need not run far! You need the Paranormal Protection Agency.


The thick parchment had been slathered with sticky shellac before it was festooned to the pole. Slightly slanted, it was just one of a score like it that had already been pasted throughout the sprawling metropolis. Business was less than bustling of late, but the proprietor saw that as a good thing. He was oft fond of saying that he would love to close shoppe due to lack of patronage. His hollow toned footsteps trudged away from the wavering pool of light cast by the guttering lamps of the streets as more flyers were prepared for posting.

Already, there were a number of cases awaiting the Investigators:
- A Monk Amok -
- Baetyl at the Bakery -
- Bizarre Bazaar -
- Dawn’s Early Plight -
- Hell’s Kitchen -
- That Old Cuss, Kyuss -
- The Eerie Aerie -
- The Miner’s Minors -

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Paranormal Protection Agency (Cthulhu)